Used to

On the other blog I used to go on about work a bit.
Don’t feel like doing that on this one.

Whiney Pish.

So my last words on the subject.

I fucking hate work, it fucking sucks the life out of me and makes me a much worse person than I know I can be.

When this changes I’ll let everyone know.


Weight-This may sound lame

I’ve never really been that interested in how much I’ve weighed. Ever since someone told me, or I read somewhere about that whole muscle weighing more than fat thing. Seemed like a perfect excuse really for not weighing myself.
Counter productive I’d say.
Defeats the purpose.
Could lead to a negative spiral (well we all know how that goes AVB).


Weighed myself for the first time in like 4years or something. 13stone 5lbs. Fine I guess.
Nintendo Wii told me that my BMI should be 22 meaning I need to be 11 and a half stone. Not sure I believe that and furthermore my brief flirtation with Wii fit is what led me to my previous muscle over fat attitude.
Plus that kind of weight would be reasonable if I was Carl Froch on fight night, which I’m not.

Gonna go for run and see what difference a week makes.
Will report back, unless it’s really bad news then I might go cry and eat a pizza or something.


Starship Troopers

I tried with a couple of mates to get into Starship Troopers. It was an 18 and we were all 16 or 17 or something.
Girl at the counter knocks us back. Too young. Fucksake. Why the fuck is that movie an 18 anyway?


Finally got to see it today. 14 or so years after first trying.
It was ok I suppose.
Reckon I would’ve liked it a lot more when I was underage.